Super Powerful Vege Powder

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No heat - No chemical processes - No additives - No artificial additives 100% absorption for the body Just what the body needs to help heal itself! Protein is a vital element for proper functioning of every organ of the body. Protein can only be absorbed when it comes into the body as a whole food, REAL WHOLE FOOD. SUPER POWERFUL VEGE POWDER is REAL food, ALL Organic and RAW, which means you absorb ALL. What this means is you receive every vitamin, every mineral, every enzyme, every protein, everything nature has to offer with absolutely no preservatives, no additives, no fillers, no sweeteners, no colors, no manufacturing chemicals of any kind. On top of all this it is important to receive this superior nutrition without heat treatment of any kind, heat that can potentially destroy valuable digestive enzymes and antioxidants

ingredients:  organic alfalfa leaf; organic barley grass powder; organic beet root powder; organic broccoli powder; organic carrot powder; organic hemp powder; organic spinach powder; organic tomato powder; organic cinnamon powder

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