Soup - Carrot

Soup - Carrot

Soup - Carrot

Carrot Soup


Be sure all ingredients are Organic for Health Benefits


Soup Recipe:

·        4 cups CLEAN water

·        1 ½ teaspoon  sea salt

·        4 medium sized Raw Organic carrots cut into slices 

·        1 large Raw Organic russet potato peeled and diced

·        1 large Raw Organic onion peeled and chopped

·        1/8th teaspoon Organic cayenne pepper

·        ¼ teaspoon Organic Basil leaf

·        1 tablespoon Organic olive oil

·        sunflower seeds &/or sesame seeds


Cooking instructions:


1.   Place water and salt in a 3 quart sauce pan and bring water to just before boiling

2.   Add potato, carrots, and onion – cover and let simmer on LOW for ten to fifteen minutes or until vegetables are  just tender.

3.   Place all contents from saucepan into either a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy.

4.   Return contents to sauce pan. Add pepper and basil leaf and reheat to serving temperature

5.   Stir in the oil just before serving.

6.   Garnish with nuts and seeds


* This soup can be made with a variety of vegetables. For example squash,  cauliflower,  tomato.