For Better Health - It Comes Down To "You Are What You Eat."

It Is All About Nutrition And Proper Cleansing.


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The real decline of dis-ease is due to better diet, improved sanitation and improved living conditions. Not from synthetic toxic matter, such as drugs / medications etc. If we ignore this truth, we do so at our own expense. Dis-ease comes not from bacteria outside the body, but inside the body when we ingest toxic matter.


1) Louis Pasteur devised that dis-ease arises from micro-organisms OUTSIDE the body.

​      A) The Medical field has latched onto this erroneous belief that germs ouside the body have to be destroyed, hence the creation of dangerous drugs which destroy the body / life, since life itself are germs. Germs can never be erradicated. Germs / bacteria keep us alive, as they will remain healthy and not become dis-eased as long as we have proper nutrition and cleansing.


2) Antoine Bechamp, as a real scientist, proved that dis-ease arises from micro-organisms INSIDE the body. The condition of the host organism is the primary causal agent. To prevent dis-ease we have to build the body.

​      A) To fight illness and dis-ease we must assist the body. An accumalation of toxic waste matter in the body signals the immune system to get to work to fight off this accumalation of waste matter. Yet with great difficulty, without enough nutrition to do so. Hence, the body becomes uncomfortable which is the onset of dis-ease.

​Dis-ease is not a drug deficiency, but a nutrient deficiency.


We breathe in about 14,000 germs per hour.

Why are we not always sick? 

Why is it that several people can be exposed to the same onslaught of germs but only a few will get sick?


Our bodies were made to heal with it's own defense mechanism. When we are sick, we need to assist the body back on track. Not continue to tear it down. The body is made to process the foods that our Creator has given us. These foods have different healing properties for different sensitivities the body is experiencing.


Prescriptions / drugs contain synthetic chemicals that the body cannot process (thus getting more toxic). They may hide symptoms, but drugs can only harm the body. They are toxic, not just the side effects as they would like you to believe. Feeding the body whole food that is nutritious is the answer to real health. A person needs the right combination of real food to assist the body to repair itself.


​To get the body back on track, learn the real cause of illness and how you can regain your vigor and stamina. Our products our real whole foods that enable the body to protect itself and repair itself.




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